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Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving Course

Do you want to get more out of your BRM Laser machine? If so, follow the laser cutting and laser engraving course provided by our partner Laseruniek. This course will introduce you to the technology behind our laser machines. The in-depth course has been designed to allow you to calmly focus on all the possibilities offered by your BRM laser machine, ranging from operational aspects to maintenance, to specific applications on your material, and to working with the software.

The course costs €750 (excl. VAT) and is given to a maximum of 4 persons per company. The course will take place in-house at LaserUniek in Venray, The Netherlands, from 9:45 to 16:00. External courses will be subject to an additional agreed upon travel allowance.


brm lasers-service-laser machines-2Kurs cięcia laserowego w LaserUniek w Venray

Due to the many positive reactions to the laser cutting and engraving course, given by our partner Bass van Enckevoort from LaserUniek in Venray, we wanted to place it in the spotlight and draw some extra attention to it. This training is perfect to become better acquainted with our BRM Laser machines and the technology behind them. Everything is open for discussion. What is the feedback like? Only positive:


Hello Ankie,

To get straight to the point: if you want to order a machine, then do this in combination with the course given by the below people (Fa. Laser Uniek)

Carla & Bas van Enckevort

LaserUniek Laser engraving company & sales of BRM lasers.

I recommend this because: They understand the machines, provide good courses and are accessible at all times for service (daytime).

I spent a long time working with the machine, and then the expert (Bas) gave me a one-day training.

I could never have imagined how much knowledge I would be taking back home with me.

Laser Unique (it may seem like I have shares, but really I don’t) itself also works with BRM’s machines and is one of their official brand dealers. I definitely recommend it!

So, that’s been said, now for the machine: It is just perfect. We personally have a 60/90 of 100 watt and it is excellent for what we produce with it (especially after the training that you really should follow). We haven’t experienced any faults yet and the machine has already gone through a lot. Even after a wild 900 km ride in a delivery van, it was just a matter of setting the machine down, calibrating it and turning it on. This machine is just really good!

I hope my answer helped,

Met kind regards,

Art of Mini

Simon Warnaar


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